1) Distemper(and other vaccines   included with this injection)

2) Rabies

3) Bordetella

4) Negative Fecal within a year

The dog must be able to be in a socialized environment.  If your dog cannot get along with others we can't take them.  We can work with most older, injured and dogs with special needs.  If you have any questions about the dogs health in staying here, please consult your vet.  We will be happy to discuss any needs with you.

Many vacations have been impacted for the lack of proper vaccinations.  The #1 requirement that people tend to wait on is the fecal test.  A positive result will take 2 weeks or more to treat.  This is a socialized facility and parasites most certainly can infect other dogs.  This is why we stand so firm on a negative fecal result.  If you are a family of two or more dogs, a positive result of one dog will be the same as both dogs being infected and both must be treated.  It is the owners responsibility to have all requirements prior to the stay.  

 We understand that some pets have an allergy to vaccinations, and cannot receive them.  In these situations, we will contact your vet and discuss.  Our requirements are for the protection of your and the other pets.  If we are to provide a safe environment, vaccinations are required.Regardless of the dogs condition, a negative fecal test is required.

Recently there have been many changes suggested in vaccination requirements and you should discuss them with your veterinarian before boarding.
Currently the AVMA is studying what type, and how often, which vaccinations are required. If your veterinarian suggests a differing schedule from that below we will be happy to consult with him/her and find out what they think is right for your pet.
Many veterinarians vaccinate for the "home bound" pet, or a pet who might be exposed to a limited number of other pets. Please consult with your veterinarian regarding your pet's vaccinations and MAKE SURE to let them know that you will be boarding your pet in a socialized environment.