Typical Day  For Boarding & Daycare

In the morning they are let out for socializing, playing, and feeding. Throughout the day they are rotated in compatible groups. In the evening they are put away to eat and relax.  It is important for them to spend time relaxing after they eat to prevent upset stomachs. After they relax a bit we let them back out until time for bed.  It is not uncommon that we need to wake them for a last potty break before bed.  We live and sleep on the property.  Our own pets sleep here as well.

We treat your friends in a way that they want to come back.   

Baths are given when the owner asks and provides a pick-up time.  Just think, for the price of daycare they get a bath too!  We use Top Performance Pet Fresh.

We do use kennels for feeding, medication and sleeping.  Food tends to create a possessive nature in a group setting and we wish to eliminate this risk.  Some like to snack throughout the night and day.  It also allows us to monitor proper medication, nutritional intake, and allergies. 

What To Bring

We would like to limit the amount of belongings brought for the stay.  We provide bedding and dishes for our guests.   If your friend has some specific needs (Thunder shirts, sweaters, and other items like this) please discuss with us so we can help with the needs.

We recommend that you bring their food if they have never boarded, changed food abruptly, or have a sensitive diet.  We feed Diamond Natural Chicken and Rice.  This is a high protein food for active friends.  We supply the bowls. (Please do not bring anything glass. Our guests are barefooted)

Any medications, special additives, vegetables, or anything else added to food will be provided by the owner. 


We require a fabric or leather collar/halter.  Chains around the neck are not safe in a socialized environment.  Each dog most be on a leash when entering and leaving the Inn.

Q & A

Q: How much playtime do they get?

A:  They spend more time during the day out of the kennel than in.  Playtime is based on how well the dog gets along with others, if they are intact or not (fixed) and the health/age of the dog.  If you have specific questions around this please ask.

Q: How much time do they spend outside? 

A:  They can spend as much time outside as they want while out of the kennel.  We limit outside play if the temperature outside is too hot/cold or there is a storm.

Q: Will my dog get fleas?

A: No more likely than any dog at home and playing outside.  We keep a close eye on it.

Q: What issues do you see most often when dogs stay there?

A: Loose stools.  If a dog changes food or is susceptible to anxiety it will show up in loose stools.  This does not happen often and we will notify you if there are issues.

Q: Can my dog get kennel cough? 

A: Probably not, but they can just like any place dogs congregate like vet offices, play parks, and pet stores. Kennel cough is a generic term for an upper respiratory condition.  Another term some use if K9 Influenza.  It is just like the flu that people get only it is strains that impact dogs.  Of those that get vaccinations, 80% are protected, again just like humans.  It can take 72 hours and up to 14 days for the dog to be fully protected.  The viruses that cause "kennel cough" are always around wherever dogs are together.  It can be transmitted from humans and other dogs.  We sanitize the facility, but it can be brought in with the very next dog.  So in short form, it is possible, but not likely if properly protected.

Q: Why do you require a fecal test?

A: The test is to see if there are any visible parasites in the stool (worms).  We are a socialized facility which means the dogs mingle together.  The eggs of parasites can live in the soil up to 8 years.  Your dog can become infected by touching this soil and licking their feet.  A dog that is infected doesn't mean it is a dirty dog or in bad environments.  Most people won't know their dog is infected until a test is conducted.   

Q: Can I tour the facility?

A: Certainly.  Anytime during office hours.

Q: Do I need my dog to go through an interview process?

A: No.  If your dog can socialize, has not injured another pet, and is up to date on vaccination requirements, we can take your dog.  

Q: I have never boarded before and don't know what is required or if my dog will be okay.  What do I need to do?

A: First, we hear this often.  We usually say that the dog will be fine, it's the owner we worry about.  Let's spend some time on the phone and/or in person.  If you are not comfortable leaving you dog, you shouldn't. 

Q: What do you do for storms?

A: We monitor the weather and our friends.  If a storm is approaching, we close off the outside play area and keep them inside.  We typically notify people on our FB page about the weather.  At night we constantly check on their condition.  We don't want any of our friends to be nervous.  I tell owners "if they don't sleep, I don't sleep".