Providing a socialized environment for your friend

10475 North 6 th Street

Otsego, Mi


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The Perfect Inn For Your Friends

Outside play area is shaded with UV filter netting.  Provides shade and blocks 60 of the UV rays.

My Best Friend's Inn is family owned/operated and the perfect place for your Friend's (pet's) relaxation and comfort while you are away.  We are a vacation spot for your Friend.  WE LIVE ON THE PREMISES and monitor audio and video 24/7.  If there is a problem (thunderstorm, severe weather) we are here.  If a friend has difficulties at night, we are here.  We don't wait until the next morning to see how things went at night.  We are in a country setting with horses, goats, squirrels, woods, and a few free range chickens (Natural pest control.  We don't use pesticides).  Check out our Face Book page from the link above.  It is open to the public and there is no need for an account, to "join" or "like" it to view.  

We Provide: Boarding, Dog Daycare, and Socialization Training at a Single Daily Rate AND NO UPCHARGES!!!

It does not matter if you are boarding or obtaining day care; at MBFI we play with and provide attention to the Friends all day long at no additional fee.  It is not uncommon for us to hear comments from returning guests like "My pet must have played hard the last time they were here.  They slept most of the next day when we got them home".  

We have over 30 years experience with animal care from small to large.  Your Friend's stay here is like kids going to the grandparents house for a stay.  We love to spoil them. 

Office Hours:


6 am - 10 am & 1 pm - 8 pm

Saturday & Sunday

7 am - 10 am & 1 pm - 8 pm

Holidays by Appointment